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NIALM Current Disaggregation

Our unique Automatic Feature Generation technology enables us to derive infinitely rich, highly discriminant and easy to compute features, allowing us to make use of all the hidden information that the data does not necessarily reveal, especially during transitional phases of time based signals.
Our algorithms can be plugged into your IoT platform for prediction of abnormal behavior, accelerated aging or nearing End-of-Life alerts.
Our technology also enables quick disaggregation of the load electric current for Non Intrusive Appliance Load Monitoring (NIALM). The consumption of each equipment in the plant is calculated without the need of costly and heavy intervention.

We have built solutions for diverse industrial situations:
  • Power Contactors: Estimation of Remaining Useful Life
  • Turbofans: Estimation of Remaining Useful Life
  • Railway Point Systems: Detection of faulty behaviour
  • Wind Turbines: Age estimation
  • Induction motors: State of Health estimation
  • Industrial manufacturer: Non intrusive detection of each equipment's power consumption
  • Home appliances: Detection of new equipment switched-on

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Automatic Features Generation
Aging and Defect Prediction

End Of Life Prediction